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Space Debris 00:04:59

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11348 | Composed or made by BSC
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Last played: 2024-02-28 07:09:52


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This title is a remake / adaption

Information about the original

The title Space Debris by BSC is based on the following title:

Original Composer: Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen
Original Title: Space Debris
Original Production:
Original Platform: Amiga

Music video of the original

Additional information

From the Horizon Easterparty 1990 in Stockholm

Comments on this title from our users

  • BSC Avatar
    BSC - 3 years ago
    I wonder who is so keen on down-voting ALL of my tunes. That's so absurd!

    villain Avatar
    villain - 3 years ago
    That's not only valid for your tunes... It's quite sad, cause behaviour like this make the charts become a joke. A boring joke. Auf Deutsch: Geht mir mächtig auf'n Sack. Objektiv betrachtet können zwei Sterne nicht wirklich ernst gemeint sein. Aber das ist nur meine rein subjektive Meinung.

  • villain Avatar
    villain - 3 years ago
    1 star? This voting can't be serious!

    BSC Avatar
    BSC - 3 years ago
    2 stars is also a bit surprising, to say the least ...

    Kangaroo MusiQue Avatar
    Kangaroo MusiQue - 3 years ago
    Sometimes people vote unreasonable.

    TotO Avatar
    TotO - 3 years ago
    Result of an old RR bug ;)

    Kangaroo MusiQue Avatar
    Kangaroo MusiQue - 3 years ago
    Don't blame the developer :) I have deleted all 1 star ratings on every title end of june to correct the mess this ugly bug did.

  • TotO Avatar
    TotO - 3 years ago
    A great adaptation from the Amiga tune by Markus Kaarlonen (Horizon Party 1990).

  • villain Avatar
    villain - 3 years ago
    For this tune I demand a sixth star!!!

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Remake of: Space Debris by Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen
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