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Become a member of the RolandRadio community

Not all functions are available to visitors on RolandRadio. Guests can use our streams but many other cool features are not or only limited available.

The goal is to build a small but nice community of Amstrad CPC enthusiasts around the radio station RolandRadio, who love the pure sounds of the AY-3-8910 chip from General Instrument built into the CPC as much as we do.

Level 0: Our Guests

Level 0 users are guests who use the service of RolandRadio. They mainly listen to the streams and are happy that RolandRadio exists. Nothing more.

  • can listen to the streams on RolandRadio
  • can use the RolandRadio-MiniPlayer
  • can register as a user on RolandRadio

Level 1: Registered UsersClick here to register

Level 1 users have registered with RolandRadio and have user access. They want to participate actively in RolandRadio, listen to the streams and rate titles from time to time to build the RolandRadio-Top-Charts.

  • can use any menu item with its full feature.
  • can see ratings of the titles in every table.
  • can rate titles using our five-star rating system.
  • can view the titles for which they have given ratings.
  • can view screenshots of the game, demo or intro of the title if available.
  • can get a 20 second preview of each title in really lousy 32 kBit/s quality.

Level 2: Donating usersClick here to register

Users with an existing RolandRadio account, who have supported RolandRadio financially with any amount by using PayPal Me or PayPal MoneyPool.

  • can listen to or download a full-length version of each title in high 192 kBit/s quality.
  • ... and all functions of the smaller levels.

Level 3: Contributing usersClick here to register

Users with an existing RolandRadio account who make a regular contribution to RolandRadio via Patreon to support RolandRadio financially.

  • ... and all functions of the smaller levels.

Level 4: Supportive UsersClick here to register

Supporting users regularly help with the operation of RolandRadio and send in new music tracks, report system errors and corrections to individual tracks. Level 4 is awarded by the operator when a user proves to be worthy. :-)

  • ... and all functions of the smaller levels.
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