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Supporters of RolandRadio

RolandRadio needs support and we are very grateful for everyone who supports us with our little WebRadio.

On this page we want to thank all contributors and supporters of RolandRadio.

The donors class of 2020

These users of RolandRadio were generous and gave us a donation this year. We are proud of our Level 2 users.

Username Donation date Provider Comment Amount
Madu 2020-05-22 14:43:10 PayPal MoneyPool 5.00
Pentagon 2020-05-02 13:45:02 PayPal MoneyPool Pentagon is in da Houze 5.00
TotO 2020-05-01 12:17:35 PayPal Thank you Roland Radio! :) 10.00
Kangaroo MusiQue 2020-04-10 15:20:10 Cash For software purchases 100.00
Total value 120.00

People who helped to bring RolandRadio to the start

A big thank you goes out to:
  • Targhan for sending us his music collection.
  • Kangaroo for setting up the homepage and radio automation software.
  • Marcus for his helping hands at the studio.
  • Prodatron for recording Rolands voice for the time announcements.