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Meet RolandRadio listeners at
The Amstrad Pub

Due to the Corona Pandemic it will probably not be possible to hold the numerous CPC meetings this year. Not only in Germany, but worldwide we will have less direct contact to other Amstrad CPC users. To have a small alternative to the real meetings, we have set up a video conferencing system to meet in the small The Amstrad Pub for a beer, a wine or to watch demos or youtube videos together. It is an attempt and we would be very happy if our service is accepted and used.

Besides the use with a conventional modern browser, Jitsi Meet also has apps for Android and iOS, so that everyone can participate in The Amstrad Pub.

Click on the beverage or the link below to join The Amstrad Pub video conference.

Join The Amstrad Pub
App-users copy this link:
Daily Videochat from 17:00 (MESZ) to open end.
Sometimes I hang around the pub during the day :-) Just check if someone is available by joining in.
Preferred language: English.
As a registered user of The Amstrad Pub you are free to open other video channels on our server to conduct your own video chats.

So we set up our own dedicated video conference server on and offer it for video chats. If you would like to use our infrastructure for your own video chat channel, we will gladly set up a moderator account for you. Just send us an e-mail.

What you can do

  • Join videochat as anonymous user
  • set your Name to get identified by others
  • Use group textchat
  • Send private textmessages/li>
  • Share Youtube-Video with the crowd
  • Share your desktop / screen to the crowd
    This is perfect for showing some games or demos to others
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