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There are many ways to help us

You want to help us with our work on RolandRadio? You have several possibilities to support us.

Advertise for us

Do you sometimes go to retro meetings or CPC parties in your country? Then advertise for RolandRadio at the events. You can print flyers, hang up posters or set up a rollup. We provide you with all necessary files to design proper promotional material. Of course you can also request advertising material directly from us. We will gladly send you an advertising package from RolandRadio. The best way to get things from RolandRadio is to contact us by e-mail.

Integrate RolandRadio into your homepage

If you have your own homepage or if you have the possibility to talk to someone who runs a homepage around the Amstrad CPC, then integrate RolandRadio into your homepage and give your visitors the possibility to listen to the wonderful sounds of the AY-3-8910 via the RolandRadio-MiniPlayer.

Create new titles

A radio lives from receiving new titles, which we can then play on our station. Every year new games, demos and productions for the Amstrad CPC are released. Extract the music from the productions and send us the files in a common audio format via our FTP server or a drop box link. By doing so you not only support our radio but also do a favour to all listeners who will be very happy to hear new tracks from the Amstrad CPC.

Tell us about your ideas

You have a great idea that we at RolandRadio should definitely realize? A new show? Something special? Something cool? Tell us your idea. Best as a new post in the forum at CPCWik or by e-mail. Maybe you would like to have your own show at RolandRadio? Maybe a live show? An Amstrad CPC talk? You can make RolandRadio what you want it to be! We support you with all your ideas as best we can.

Donate money

In order to maintain operations, we are dependent on covering the resulting costs. At the moment Kangaroo MusiQue pays for all the hardware, streaming server, hosting servers, software licenses, beer and pizza and of course the RolanRadio promotional material. Here you can actually help us directly and easily. Donate any amount of money to RolandRadio and make sure that your favorite radio will be around for a long time to come.

We offer the following possibilities of financial support

We are grateful

We are grateful for any support. Very much so. And that's why we're going to create a page on RolandRadio to express our special thanks to our supporters.
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