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Rate and comment on RolandRadio

There are several ways to interact with RolandRadio. The most important ones are giving ratings for titles and writing comments.

We would like to give you some information that will make your interaction a little easier.

Submit your ratings

Your rating shows your personal feeling about a title at RolandRadio. You don't like the music at all, the melody is horrible or that's the title of your favorite game? Your rating is included in the overall rating of a title and forms the RolandRadio-Charts. Ratings have no influence on the way the title is played on RolandRadio at the moment.

One Star Ratings

You find the sound, the melody or the whole piece completely disgusting and you miss a fast forward button on RolandRadio? You would like to switch off and throw the computer out of the window? Then a star is exactly the right rating for the title. But please keep in mind that an artist has made an effort to create this title on the Amstrad CPC. Or even not.

Two Star Ratings

This title is bearable but also nothing special. You can hear and listen to this all nose long on the Amstrad CPC. It's OK. Not good, but OK.

Three Star Ratings

This can be heard and is a nice, well sounding track on the Amstrad CPC. Average, and not really something special, but a solid piece of Amstrad CPC music.

Four Star Ratings

This one is above average, sounds great, has a well-balanced structure, the melody is great and it's definitely a song by Targhan or McKlain or another talented Amstrad CPC musician. Maybe even a chance hit from BSC? You don't know - in any case it's a great work and good to hear.

Five Star Ratings

This one's awesome. You could listen to it for hours, if not days. On a loop. If they put you on a desert island, the source code of this piece of music would be what you'd take far ahead of your partner. Sometimes you just hum the melody to yourself. Stars cannot describe how good this song actually is. Better than sex, sometimes somehow.

Six Star Ratings

Now you're really exaggerating!

Notice: You can correct your ratings for a title at any time by simply re-rating the title. However, once a rating has been submitted, it cannot be completely removed.

Comment on titles

With comments you can express your feelings about a title in text form and present your opinion about a piece of music in more detail. Other users can then react and reply to your comment. You can edit your comments afterwards to add things or delete them if you change your mind. Always try to be polite and respectful in your comments.

Do this

  • Be polite, respectful and try to avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Reread your comment, before sending it and correct it if necessary if you notice anything wrong.
  • Feel free to write a few more words. We have space and our users like to read detailed opinions on a title instead of just a short word.
  • Reply to a comment using the reply link below the appropriate comment to avoid tangling a discussion.
  • Use the markdown language to make quotations, links and other highlights. You will find a Markdown CheatSheet below the comment field.
  • Provide additional information about the history of the title, anecdotes, fun facts or similar if you know them.

Don't do this

  • Do not insult the artist, his computer or his mother. Thank you.
  • Please do not link to external files in your comments. We are happy to provide suitable and checked files directly
  • Do not reply to a comment with a new comment, but with a reply comment.
  • Do not write comments under a title that have nothing to do with the title.
  • Do not post advertising for other platforms or sites
Notice: If you have information about a title, e.g. the DSK file or a report in a blog or the link to the author, do not write this in a comment. Please avoid referring to external sources such as downloads or websites for further information on a title. We are happy to add relevant information in our own database. Just contact us about it.
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