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Rules of play

Titles on RolandRadio are broadcast according to a certain scheme through our radio station to create a varied program.

How new titles are played

If new titles have been uploaded to our ftp server we pack them as bulk into our radio automation to verify their quality. So all new added files will be played one after an other starting with an intro and end with this outro to identify them in our playlist.

Newly added titles are played more often in heavy rotation than existing titles. After a few days, however, all titles are treated identically and played according to the following rule:

How we play existing titles

All titles in our database are played in rotation, following an existing plan:

Playing titles

A title is at least 12 hours apart from itself, so that a title will be played a maximum of two times a day.

Playing artists

An artist is at least 6 hours apart from himself/herself, so that titles by the same artist will only be played every six hours and therefore four times a day.

Playing tracks

A track (e.g. jingles) has a distance of at least 24 hours to itself, so that a track will be played at most once a day.

Deviations from the playout rules

If it is not possible to comply with the playout rules due to the amount of titles, the amount of existing artists or due to a manual playout of titles, suitable titles will also be played outside the rules. However, the system will then assign penalty points to the titles played, which will limit a new automatic playout. In case of a rule violation, the titles with the fewest penalty points and which come closest to the actual playout rules will be played.