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Claim your titles on RolandRadio

You are a registered user of RolandRadio and have discovered some songs you have composed or created yourself? It doesn't matter who the original composer of the song is and on which system it was first released. You programmed and implemented it for the CPC. Then you are entitled to have it assigned to you. You can add this information in the title details and pay respect to the original composers.

So you want to change details of these songs, add information or tell the story behind the music and how it was created? You can do that now by claiming titles on RolandRadio as music you created. We will check this and associate the tracks with your user account. After that you can edit all information yourself except for title name and artist name and adapt it to your wishes.

Have fun and take care to provide as much detail and background information as possible.

Notice: We are currently developing this function. Please be patient.
Make sure that you are registered as a RolandRadio user.
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