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Streams of RolandRadio

To listen to the music on RolandRadio, you need any stream player. This could be iTunes on a Mac or PC or WinAMP, Quicktime or even the HTML player on our homepage. For Android users there is now a RolandRadio app availiable at Google Play.

We provide different streams in different codecs and qualities. So everybody can choose the stream that comes closest to his needs.

If a certain format is desired, which is not listed here, simply write an e-mail. We will then check if we can add the format to our streams.

All our streams can be accessed via the standard streaming port 8000 as well as over the regular http-port 80. We have also made it possible to access the streams via https on the standard https port 443, as some browser dont accept connections to unsecure destinations. So it is possible to listen to RolandRadio even behind firewalls. All streams linked here are designed for port 80. If necessary the URLs would have to be adapted to port 8000.

Beginning of the stream: The Intro

At the beginning of a stream we play a small short intro at 128kBit/s-MP3-Stereo, which we are happy to provide here.

RolandRadio Maintenance Mode Rap

Should our streaming server be disturbed, the 128kBit/s stream will play our RolandRadio Maintenance Mode song for the duration of the disturbances. This song was composed by Kangaroo MusiQue especially to calm confused listeners to avoid riots on the stream players.

The lyrics

RolandRadio is in maintenance mode
this is because some tunes sound like a goat
After a short while
we will be back on air
(its maintenance mode)
Please stay tuned as we do care

: (One, two, three o'clock)
Rap it baby
(four o'clock)
(One, two, three o'clock)
Now it's your turn
(Beep - Chiptune Rock) :

Chiptune rock is what we like
and this is not a test
This is the Roland Maintenance Mode
at its very very best
(It's maintenance mode)

MP3-Streams on RolandRadio

The most popular streaming format is certainly MP3. We provide various MP3 streams.

128 kBit/s stream for luxury overdose devices and bandwidth extravagance

Stream-Format: MP3, 128 kBit/s Stereo

Stream-Format: MP3, 128 kBit/s Mono

64 kBit/s streams for mobile devices and bandwidth savings

Stream-Format: MP3, 64 kBit/s Stereo

Stream-Format: MP3, 64 kBit/s Mono

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