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The Last Hero (Arcane Remix) 00:02:52

... is part of the demo The Last Hero
13567 | Composed or made by SuTeKH
for Epyteor
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Last played: 2021-01-04 10:00:14


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46 2020
45 2020
44 2020
43 2020
42 2020
41 2020
40 2020
39 2020
34 2020

Comments on this title from our users

  • SuTeKH Avatar
    SuTeKH - 2 months ago
    Wow! Blatant down-voting to stop this track being #1 next week! Pathetic!

    villain Avatar
    villain - 2 months ago
    Where do you see down-voting? Maybe it's a matter of taste if someone only gives three stars. Even if this tune is epic from my POV. :-)

    SuTeKH Avatar
    SuTeKH - 2 months ago
    Yes, you're right! However, that 3-star has been a 4-star for months! After BSC commented that his tunes were being down-voted, I thought I'd keep an eye on mine! This tune has been voted by 9 people for months now and it's only when it's #1 that someone has down-voted their 4-star to a 3-star. The same thing happened to my SML tune. Someone voted it 3-star for weeks, then it became #1 in the charts and their vote went down to 2-star; moving the tune to #9. I believe it's the same person manipulating the charts! EDIT: Thank you, villain, for liking my cover! ^_^

    Kangaroo MusiQue Avatar
    Kangaroo MusiQue - 1 month ago
    I don't think that this is a downvote. I also sometimes change my mind on ratings and re-rate tunes I rated higher than they are in comparison of other tunes I also down- or up-rate titles during the time, but that's not manipulative its just my mood

  • BSC Avatar
    BSC - 6 months ago
    Great cover! Every CPC musician should cover this tune, it's some kind of standard!

    SuTeKH Avatar
    SuTeKH - 1 month ago
    I think you mean Monday by Random Voice. There are a number of conversions here and (surprise, surprise) I've converted it, too!

    Kangaroo MusiQue Avatar
    Kangaroo MusiQue - 1 month ago

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2021-01-04 10:00:14 SuTeKH The Last Hero (Arcane Remix) 00:02:52 55
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