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L'Arche du Captain Blood 00:01:58

... is part of the game L'Arche du Captain Blood
12894 | Composed or made by Philippe Ulrich
for ERE
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Last played: 2022-05-12 09:17:23


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Comments on this title from our users

  • neozeed Avatar
    neozeed - 1 year ago
    I guess this is what the C64 was trying to sound like. It's hard to compete with Jarre.

  • SuTeKH Avatar
    SuTeKH - 1 year ago
    Why is this showing as composed/made by Philippe Ulrich when the screenshot shows "Music: Jean-Michel Jarre; Amstrad Adaptation: Yves Lamoureux"?

    BSC Avatar
    BSC - 1 year ago
    Because "Scenario" is a well-established, oft-used term for music in the game industry. I know of at least 1 case where it was used!

    SuTeKH Avatar
    SuTeKH - 1 year ago
    I think you'll find the word "scenario" means "story" in this case! He created the Exxos universe!

    Targhan Avatar
    Targhan - 1 year ago
    The adaptation of the game is by Yves Lamoureux. The music adaptation is by Philippe Ulrich. The original song is by JMJ.

    SuTeKH Avatar
    SuTeKH - 1 year ago
    That's fair! The placing of the credits is a little confusing.

  • remax Avatar
    remax - 2 years ago
    Even if it's inferiour to its native counterpart on ST, it's still an excellent rendering. Sadly it's the only music on this legendary game.

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