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The Race Against Time For Sport Aid'88 (Games without frontiers) 00:03:11

... is part of the game The Race Against Time For Sport Aid'88
12656 | Composed or made by David Whittaker
for Codemasters
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Last played: 2021-11-22 12:00:15


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This title is a remake / adaption

Information about the original

The title The Race Against Time For Sport Aid'88 (Games without frontiers) by David Whittaker is based on the following title:

Original Composer: Peter Gabriel
Original Title: Games Without Frontiers
Original Production: Peter Gabriel
Original Platform: Music

Music video of the original

Additional information

"Games Without Frontiers" is a song written and recorded by English rock musician Peter Gabriel. It was released on his 1980 self-titled solo album, where it included backing vocals by Kate Bush. The song's lyrics are interpreted as a commentary on war and international diplomacy being like children's games. The video includes film clips of Olympic events and scenes from the 1951 educational film Duck and Cover, which used a cartoon turtle to instruct US schoolchildren on what to do in case of nuclear attack. This forlorn imagery tends to reinforce the song's anti-war theme.

Comments on this title from our users

  • Ythcal Avatar
    Ythcal - 1 year ago
    The song is a cover version of Peter Gabriel‘s „Games Without Frontiers“ (1980)

    villain Avatar
    villain - 1 year ago
    Ok, this explains why this is one of the better Whittaker tunes. :-) Hans plays with Lore, Lore plays with Jenny... :-D

    Ythcal Avatar
    Ythcal - 1 year ago
    Peter also made a great German version the same year: „Spiel ohne Grenzen„ I like that version even more. „Könnten Blicke töten wär‘t Ihr flöten; Krieg muß man schwänzen; Spiel ohne Grenzen...“

    Kangaroo MusiQue Avatar
    Kangaroo MusiQue - 1 year ago
    I really love the german version its one of the best versions Peter ever made. Its funny and strange.

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2021-11-22 12:00:15 David Whittaker The Race Against Time For Sport Aid'88 (Games without frontiers)
Remake of: Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel
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