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Progress of the RolandRadio project

Here you can find an overview of the things done at RolandRadio and stay informed about the progress of this project.

Progress on 2020-06-13

Added a page for some informations about the upcoming shows

Progress on 2020-06-09

Any existing chart rankings are now also displayed in the title details.
We have improved the underrated titles and show the logged-in user only the titles he has not yet rated.

Progress on 2020-06-07

We have a new page with the titles that have not yet been sufficiently rated. The so-called underrated titles.

check them out and rate:

Progress on 2020-06-04

The broadcasting schedule has been revised and the RolandRadio top charts are now played regularly throughout the week.

Progress on 2020-05-31

The top 50 of the RolandRadio charts are now generated weekly every Sunday as an external playlist in random order. The aim is to play them out at certain times as a chart show on RolandRadio

Playlist can be found under

Top charts were adjusted so that only titles with at least 5 ratings are included.
Only show users and user numbers that have been verified

Progress on 2020-05-30

The rating area in the MiniPlayer did not update when the title was changed.
Registered users can now rate the title directly in the MiniPlayer. The title screen of the production is also displayed.
If the title does not have its own screenshot, the screenshot of the production is displayed.
Fixed a bug in the home area where comments linked to the wrong areas.
Function developed to automatically delete users who do not verify their email address within 24 hours.

Progress on 2020-05-29

Productions like Games, Demos and so on can now be also commented.
Most productions now have a title screen and link to the detail-page of cpc-power. Thanks to for letting us grab them from their homepage.

Progress on 2020-05-26

Confirmation info added when a star rating takes place
Fixed a bug in the infobar, which did not update the rating stars

Progress on 2020-05-25

All star ratings can now be used without reloading a page.
Ratings within the tables have been rearranged so that the page is not reloaded when a rating is submitted.
New indicator for the own star rating of a title in the star rating display.

Progress on 2020-05-24

Remakes of titles are now shown separately on the production details page.


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