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Arcade: Coin Up

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In our Arcade: Coin Up show we play one hour of music from the Amstrad CPC, whose big siblings are from the arcade machines. Great music from the glory days of arcade machines. Flip another coin and have fun at Arcade: Coin Up

All about the Arcade: Coin Up-show on RolandRadio

TotO had this nice idea for this show and took the trouble to pick out all the tracks on RolandRadio that were also played in arcade machines to create an hour of variety and great arcade music.

All of this music is identical to the arcade arcade music and if you find any music on RolandRadio that you would like us to include in the show, please let us know - or TotO - and we will do our best to make it happen.

Welcome to Arcade: Coin Up! I'm TotO. I've put together this collection of Amstrad CPC music of games that originally came from arcade machines. And now: Enjoy one hour of best Arcade music.

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