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Inform us if something seems not correct.

Roland radio is down since six days now. There are some issues with the updates of the system itself. Some weird Windows updates hung the computer and it did not came up again.

As I personally check the stream only occasionally it would be very helpful if you write an email to if something is wrong. Normally our maintenance is announced in the news.

pleas do not post errors or issues into the chat window as we do not get informed about new posts there. So at the moment we are updating the system ans hopefully it will start up within the next hour.

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And we are up and running again!

Oh, we fixed that shit so very hard! New (old) RAID-drive is mirroring the next days until the new hdd drives arrive from the distributor. Updated the whole WIndows 7 Pro thing to the newest release, fixed the bug with the artists and title update in the track list. So yay. Nice work. 160 Euros in costs. What an interessting but expensive hobby i have – USE IT!

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Updated Theme and WordPress Version

Today we have updated WordPress to the actual version and also updated the theme we use for our nice Roland Radio. Smaller issues happened as we had to add some special changes we have made on the theme but nothing special. Everything looks to work fine right after the update. if you find any errors, typos or something weird (on our homepage) please tell us. Thank you.

Oh, and Kangaroo.. if you update the next time don’t forget those lines in the header 🙂


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