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Today we registered our station at GEMA

Gema LogoWe know – nobody on the internet likes the GEMA, especially the germans. And also nobody really wants to pay for music. But as we are streaming music from great artists of the Amstrad CPC and home computer era and as we are musicians on our own we understand the need of getting paid for the things you do. That’s why we registered Roland Radio today at GEMA and we are proud of that. Also our station is located in Germany, so we should fulfill the german laws. 🙂

One good thing about the GEMA registration: Now we can also play every GEMA registered artist, which is great for our upcoming shows we are working on.

If you have never heard of the GEMA: here’s the Wikipedia link.

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Roland Radio App :)

OK, that’s the first alpha version of the Roland Radio App. We are building it using Phonegap so we try to do everything in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Not that easy if your skills are BASIC 1.1 and Amstrad CPC ROM-routines 🙂 But it looks not bad for the first try . It works and plays Roland Radio for hours and hours 🙂 The best thing on using Phonegap? We can build the Roland Radio App for nearly every plattform from the same source – so that’s gonna be fun on iOS, Android, WebOS, Blackberry, WindowsPhone and others.

The App is really dumb 🙂 It plays the radio. Thats it. What we want to add is the artist and title info, the current amount of listeners and a lot more. but this will take some time. It’s fun to code. Even if you are a newbie 🙂


  • Track-Infos (actual, played )
  • Stream-Stats
  • Vote on actual trac
  • Messaging / Chat

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Ultrasyd sent his Roland Radio greetings

Those RRG (Roland Radio Greetings) are so great! We love to hear the artists voice! Ultrasy – very well-known for his chiptunes – today sent us his radio greeting for Roland Radio in three languages: english, french and japanese. Our listeners from Japan will love it!

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