Weee! (Christian Lier, 02.May.19xx) was a coder and music composer in the German CPC scene. He also organised the first GOS parties. He composed the music for famous CPC games such as Super Cauldron and Prehistorik 2 (Intro-Screen-Music on Amstrad Plus-Version).

Together with Thriller of GOS he invented the first three-wire-network for the CPC, called Cadjo-Net, where they played an own version of Tron for fun with and used this networking technology to code on one CPC and run the compiled code on an other to prevent hang-ups and where able to debug faster on the machine they coded on.

Music from Weee! we have on Roland Radio

If you are missing tunes from Weee!, please send them to us by e-mail as MP3, WAV or AY files! But only pure Amstrad CPC tunes. No remixes or music from other computer systems.

Title Duration
Cadjo Clan DMA (Die Krupps adaptation) 00:01:20
Cebit ’91 Raaah! 00:02:20
Copy Paddy (Some famous 80s band remix) 00:01:36
Prehistorik 2 – Intro AmstradPlus 00:02:42
Snoopy Demo 2 00:03:54
Super Cauldron – Intro 00:02:30
Terrific Demo – Boing 00:03:12
Terrific Demo – Digidrums 00:04:59
Terrific Demo – Hubba Bubba 00:06:36
Terrific Demo – Megalomania 00:03:45
Terrific Demo – Stars 00:04:07
Terrific Demo – Toes 00:02:19
Zang 00:01:52
Zap’t’Balls – Fire World 00:01:49
Zap’t’Balls – Cuddly Testworld 00:01:06
Zap’t’Balls – Dream World 00:02:30
Zap’t’Balls – Ice World 00:02:23
Zap’t’Balls – Loader 00:01:49
Total playtime: 00:50:49

If the total playtime of Weee! is more than 01:15:00 we can add this artist to the Artist only show. If not done yet please send us a notice.

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