Face Hugger

Face Hugger (Andreas Stroiczek) is a German coder. He also composed and converted some Soundtrakker tunes.

Music from Face Hugger we have on Roland Radio

If you are missing tunes from Face Hugger, please send them to us by e-mail as MP3, WAV or AY files! But only pure Amstrad CPC tunes. No remixes or music from other computer systems.

Title Duration
RC Quest – Introduction 00:02:56
Sound Manager Demo Song 00:04:36
The Space Duel 00:03:10
Ultimate Megademo ( Filled vector) 00:03:10
Ultimate Megademo ( Lemmings) 00:02:54
Ultimate Megademo (End part) 00:03:53
Ultimate Megademo (Intro) 00:00:16
Ultimate Megademo (Tantrum part) 00:03:33
Ultimate Megademo (Turrican picture) 00:04:09
Ultimate Megademo (Vector balls) 00:05:13
Voyage 93 – I Like Chopin (Gazebo adaptation) 00:03:02
Total playtime: 00:36:52

If the total playtime of Face Hugger is more than 01:15:00 we can add this artist to the Artist only show. If not done yet please send us a notice.

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