Electric Monk

The Electric Monk (Ulrich Schreitmüller) was a coder of the German CPC scene. His programs were mostly written in BASIC, but he also worked a lot with the Soundtrakker. Most of his productions were text adventures which featured a comfortable point-and-click type interface.

Music from Electric Monk we have on Roland Radio

If you are missing tunes from Electric Monk, please send them to us by e-mail as MP3, WAV or AY files! But only pure Amstrad CPC tunes. No remixes or music from other computer systems.

Title Duration
Black Land – Intro Theme 1 00:02:40
Black Land – Intro Theme 2 00:02:19
Black Land – Intro Theme 3 00:01:06
Black Land – Main Menu 00:02:03
Total playtime: 00:08:08

If the total playtime of Electric Monk is more than 01:15:00 we can add this artist to the Artist only show. If not done yet please send us a notice.

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