Crown (Andreas Stefan Winter) was a coder of the german CPC scene. His most popular production was Crime, a very fast and often used file and disc copy utility.

He also converted some tunes from Amiga to CPC and for this has coded a small routine to automatically convert four channel MODs from the Amiga to three channel Soundtrakker sounds for the CPC.

Music from Crown we have on Roland Radio

If you are missing tunes from Crown, please send them to us by e-mail as MP3, WAV or AY files! But only pure Amstrad CPC tunes. No remixes or music from other computer systems.

Title Duration
A king is born (Dreamweaver adaptation) 00:04:44
Bad Mag 1 (Amiga cover) 00:02:30
Bad Mag 2 (Dragon Ninja remix) 00:01:51
Bad Mag 2 (Romeo Knight adaptation) 00:03:33
Bad Mag 2 (Walkman adaptation) 00:03:02
Global Trash (Jesper Kyd adaptation) 00:04:05
Hero Quest (Barry Leitch adaptation) 00:07:04
Orgasm (adaptation) 00:05:15
Prodatron Megademo – Vector Smasher 00:01:31
Riff Raff (Zapper adapation) 00:03:09
Warhawk (Rob Hubbard) (Adaption by Crown) 00:03:06
Total playtime: 00:39:50

If the total playtime of Crown is more than 01:15:00 we can add this artist to the Artist only show. If not done yet please send us a notice.

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