Alain Massoumipour

Alain Massoumipour (Poum) was a regular editor in the famous french commercial CPC magazine Amstrad Cent Pour Cent which published 49 issues, the last one at the end of 1993. He was known for his series of articles about how to make an adventure game. Then he published an adventure game called L’ile.

Alain was also a programmer and musician. He often wrote types-ins published in the magazine such as SOS 100%, a game.

In the early 90’s he programmed Equinoxe a soundtracker published by Ubi Soft. Now retired from the active CPC world, he sometimes comes to CPC meetings near Paris.

Source: CPCWiki

Music from Alain Massoumipour we have on Roland Radio

If you are missing tunes from Alain Massoumipour, please send them to us by e-mail as MP3, WAV or AY files! But only pure Amstrad CPC tunes. No remixes or music from other computer systems.

Title Duration
European Meeting Demo- Part 2 00:03:13
L’ile 00:03:38
SOS 100 Pour 100 – Game Over 00:00:38
SOS 100 Pour 100 – Ingame 00:00:37
SOS 100 Pour 100 – Title 00:00:48
War Space 00:01:06
Total playtime: 00:10:00

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