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Help us to increase the music collection of Roland Radio. A lot of music from games and demos are missing in our database and maybe you have them on your hard disk or want to record some fresh music from your Amstrad CPC.

Please notice: for broadcasting on Roland Radio we accept any kind of music from the Amstrad CPC. We are not interested in music from other computer systems, no matter how cool and chippy  they are.

How to send files to Roland Radio

Please use our brand new ftp server we have set up for you to upload. It’s an anonymous ftp server, so use anonymous login as usual. These are the details of our ftp server:

  • Hostname: upload.rolandradio.net
  • IPv4:
  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: your-email-address

Please notice: you are allowed to upload files but you can not download them. Check the readme.txt on the root directory for details.

Which software do i need?

You need a ftp client. If you don’t know which client to use there is Filezilla for Windows and Mac available for free. Enter the hostname or ip address from above and log into the server using the anonymous settings.

Where to upload my files?

Its easy! On the ftp server there is a directory called incoming . Enter this directory and create a new directory with your name, maybe john doe . Upload all your files to your personal directory. After you have finished uploading  you can tell us by e-mail to check your directory but normally we check the ftp server for new files once a week.

How shall my files look like?

That’s really important, because we have to name the files correct for our databases. Please name them based on this scheme:  Artist - Title of music or game (Level) - (Additional Informations).ext

For example:

Jonathan Dunn - Operation Thunderbolt (Game Over) - (Second Sound).mp3

Kangaroo MusiQue - HJT-Theme (Mini Meeting Demo - (Crittersoap was drunk on Sunday afternoon).mp3

If something is unknown, just name it like:  Jonathan Dunn - Unknown title.mp3  or  Unknown artist - Moon Buggy (Main theme).mp3 .

Please notice: The better you describe your music in the file name, the faster we can add it to our database and play it on Roland Radio. If you have a lot  you want us to tell about a sound file use a .txt -File with the same filename as the music file  to describe it in detail.

Which sound formats and quality is accepted?

To reach the wanted quality of the streams we render the tunes on the fly by our radio automation software. Therefore your uploaded sound files do not need to have the same format and quality.

Quality of the sound files should be minimum 128 kBit/s 44KHz  or higher regardless which format is used. We love high quality – so please send us the best files you have. We do accept FLAC and other lossless formats – so you are welcome to send us huge files.

Please notice: we will decline music files with to much noise or hiss in it. Please check your tunes carefully before uploading them.

Will i get some informations if my sounds are added to Roland Radio?

No, sorry. As new songs are played more often than older songs, you should notice your audio submissions on the radio stream or on the track list or artist page.


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