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roland-radio-avatarRoland Radio was founded on 2nd April 2015, 15:04 h by Kangaroo MusiQue of SPRING!

There was a thread at the CPCWiki where the idea of a Amstrad CPC radio was brought up by Villain of HJT/Benediction on 25th of March 2015. As we run a little radio station on the web five years ago there was already all the equipment and software around which is needed to run a professional radio station and an old icecast streaming server also was not “shut down” yet. So it took only a week to get the whole station up and running.

Targhan sent us all his CPC tunes he recorded together with his friend Grim as flac-files. So we where able to set up Roland Radio very fast right before the Revision Easterparty 2015 and started a test-run where all sounds played from A to Z to check if all files are playable. RIght after the Revision Easter Party where we recorded the first “Hi my name is… ” radio jingles we started to set up the radio station and also started to schedule some “Artist only”-Shows. Also the website was set up and some scripts were programmed to show the actual played track and a track list on the webpage.

On April the 15th we set up new streaming environment to run Roland Radio on a dedicated streaming hardware in our data center and set up the first new streams on April the 20th. At the end of April all streams should be moved to the new Icecast2 server which got a nice Amstrad CPC surface and listens to port 8000 and port 80. So now its possible to listen to Roland Radio also through office-firewalls 🙂


Peek on our radio desk


  • Red Fader: Microphone 1 + 2
  • White Fader: Live-Fader Player A+B (CD1+2 / File1+2)
  • Gray Fader: Live-Fader Player C+D (Cartwall / Aux)
  • Blue Fader (Telefone-Line)

Left box

  • Sound-FX
  • Headphone Splitter
  • CD-Player Control
  • CD-Player

Middle Box

  • Compressor
  • External HDD-Bay / USB

Right Box

  • Equalizer
  • Soundprocessor
  • Telephone-Hybrid

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