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Nilquader passed away yesterday

On August 23rd Nilquader passed away at 11:55 o’clock. I will never forget him. He was also part oft the CPC-group SPRING!

In 2008 we defined: “Two are a group”, but now 50% of SPRING! are gone.  Forever. And so SPRING! is dead too. But our projects hopefully stay: The MegaFlash NG and DP, Roman 2, Whacky Wit, RomWalk / MegaFlash Menu, CPCimon and a lot more in hardware, software, games, accessories and also Roland Radio. Nilquader loved to listen to the CPC tunes on Roland Radio and also during his stay in hospital we were able to play him some Roland Radio to entertain him a little bit.

My best friend died and so did a big part of me.

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