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Ultrasyd sent his Roland Radio greetings

Those RRG (Roland Radio Greetings) are so great! We love to hear the artists voice! Ultrasy – very well-known for his chiptunes – today sent us his radio greeting for Roland Radio in three languages: english, french and japanese. Our listeners from Japan will love it!

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Listen Roland Radio on Screenshot

That was really fast. Cedric whined a bit on twitter that he wants Roland Radio on to hear our stream on his android tablet. added our station to their database within a few hours. Really great! So if you use check out their apps and their homepage and our station.

Collecting by playing

While we play out tracks on Roland Radio we collect them in an external database, so we can list every track we have in our database online if we want. And we want!
Check out David Whittaker and watch the list at the bottom of his page grow as we play his tunes on Roland Radio. That’s amazing. Right after we have collected the most of the tunes of our station we will add a search you can use to browse our database to make requests or send in tunes we don’t have at Roland Radio yet.

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Updated Theme and WordPress Version

Today we have updated WordPress to the actual version and also updated the theme we use for our nice Roland Radio. Smaller issues happened as we had to add some special changes we have made on the theme but nothing special. Everything looks to work fine right after the update. if you find any errors, typos or something weird (on our homepage) please tell us. Thank you.

Oh, and Kangaroo.. if you update the next time don’t forget those lines in the header 🙂


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