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Shutting down the old streaming server

Yes, the rumors are true 🙂 We shut down the old streaming server because we set up a new one on streaming.rolandradio.net – So we now play on the old one this very nice information in loop:

We love Canadians! And we love typical german news 🙂


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Switched from Stereo to Joint Stereo

To avoid bad sound quality we switched today the stereo streams (ogg & mp3) from true stereo to joint stereo. This saves some bandwidth by having another mixing of the left and right channels as before but increases sound quality as the 128 kBit/s now are split in half for 2×64 kBit/s for left/right channel but are combined to increase quality. If you want to learn more about joint stereo you can check the Wikipedia entry about audio engineering: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_(audio_engineering)


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Mono-Stream now available

We have set up a special stream for the mono-lovers. Yes, there are some people out there which prefer Amstrad CPC music as it was on the little built in speaker of the Amstrad CPC – strictly mono. Others don’t like it if the channels of the AY sound chip sound to separated – so a mono mixdown is perfect for them too.

You find the new mono stream playing in MP3 128 kBit/s at our streaming page here on rolandradio.net

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