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Maintenance Mode Music (MMM)

The CPC-scene will drive mad: just another MMM-production – Maintenance Mode Music. We play this little “singalong” with Roland during the next maintenance of our radio 🙂 So if you hear this song, you should know, there is a party going on at the admins palace 🙂


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We are working on our mascot

Isn’t he nice? only a few more steps and we can print him on our 3d printer 🙂



So we are testing with white PLA but as this is a new manufacturer we need to level a few things first – but the first print is not too bad:

3D printed Roland Radio mascot :D

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Roland in Time tells you what time it is! :-)

We now are implementing nice time announcement, so you know while listening to Roland Radio, what time it is. The Samples are made by Prodatron / Symbiosis, who recorded all directly on his CPC with the great SymbOS. Check this out:
SymbOS saying Roland Time Announcement

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