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Roland Radio at le mag.mo5.com

It is the summary for the Amstrad CPC for the month of April at mag.mo5.com and Roland Radio is mentioned there. We get a lot of hits from there. But we have never heard of mag.mo5.com before. Whatever.

Roland Radio bei mag.mo5.com

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Announcement of the announcements :-)

You like our “Artist only” shows on Roland radio where we play the greatest tunes by one artist only for a full hour? We have made some announcements which are played right before the show. If you want to listen to them you can do this here:

More to come 🙂

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NoRecess / Condense likes Roland Radio

NoRecess features Roland Radio on his homepage. We like canadian CPC users 🙂 For him we set up a new streaming server which also listens to port 80, so NoRecess can listen to Roland Radio at work 🙂
NoRecess - Roland Radio

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Roland Radio on Amstrad.eu

Roland Radio was on the news at Amstrad.eu – one of the biggest Amstrad CPC related sites on the web. Thank you guys.

Roland Radio on Amstrad,eu

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Roland Radio on Push’n’Pop

The “official” Amstrad CPC scene also recognized Roland Radio a few days ago. Here is a nice screen shot from their news page.

Push'n'Pop - Roland Radio

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Russians like Amstrad CPC tunes too! Roland Radio on emulate.su

We didn’t even understood a word, but as long as they like Roland Radio.. who cares 🙂 They did featured Roland Radio on emulate.su – Sowjet Union. That’s kind of retro too 🙂

Roland Radio on emulate.su


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Roland Radio at Retro Computers

Retro Computers got it on his news: Roland Radio is a superb station.

You will find music from the likes of Rob Hubbard, Matthew Cannon, Jonathan Dunn and many, many more!

They are so right!

Retro Computers News

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Roland Radio at Octoate’s news portal

Octoate.de – the Amstrad news portal added our little radio station to his news.

Octoate News

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Roland Radio on Indie Retro News

Yay! We where featured at Indie Retro News these days. They like our little radio station.

Indie Retro News

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