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ftp.cpcszene.de is online again

some bad hackers had entered our so loved ftp.cpcszene.de – after Nilquader died in august last year, nobody administrated the server. So it got messed up and we now have taken ftp.cpcszene.de and built it up again from a backup. Took some time to get the 44 GigaBytes of CPC-Stuff up again. But now its back again: ftp://ftp.cpcszene.de

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You want to hear the CPC scene? Here we go!

You like to know how your friends from the cpc scene sound like? We have put all our jingles online the cpc people did the last weeks. Check them out. And if you are missing just record your voice, send us a nice message in your native language and/or in english saying something like “Hi, i am NAME and you are listening to Roland Radio”. That’s fun! We love to hear you!

Check this page: http://rolandradio.net/about-us/jingles-jingles-jingles/

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Roland Radio on Push’n’Pop

The “official” Amstrad CPC scene also recognized Roland Radio a few days ago. Here is a nice screen shot from their news page.

Push'n'Pop - Roland Radio

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Roland Radio at Octoate’s news portal

Octoate.de – the Amstrad news portal added our little radio station to his news.

Octoate News

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Roland in Time tells you what time it is! :-)

We now are implementing nice time announcement, so you know while listening to Roland Radio, what time it is. The Samples are made by Prodatron / Symbiosis, who recorded all directly on his CPC with the great SymbOS. Check this out:
SymbOS saying Roland Time Announcement

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Targhan Only – Every Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:00

You like the music of Targhan? So you will love our special program on every Wednesday. Enjoy the best CPC tunes from Targhan from 13:00 to 14:00. You’ll love it.

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