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What about an iPhone Roland Radio App?

Roland Radio Swift


Maybe this is a very stupid idea, but i’d love to have a Roland Radio app on the iphone or ipad. Something which plays nice Amstrad tunes and maybe its possible to embed a few functions? Are you a swift (or other) coder and interested in helping coding a nice and functional app? Get in touch with us to build a nice RolandApp.

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Now you can rate songs on Roland Radio

Rate Roland tracks
You like what you are listening? Or you hate it? AyAy.. alright. Now you can rate titles on Roland Radio. Check out the track list and the track info on every page. There are two thumbs. Use one of em 🙂

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Updated Theme and WordPress Version

Today we have updated WordPress to the actual version and also updated the theme we use for our nice Roland Radio. Smaller issues happened as we had to add some special changes we have made on the theme but nothing special. Everything looks to work fine right after the update. if you find any errors, typos or something weird (on our homepage) please tell us. Thank you.

Oh, and Kangaroo.. if you update the next time don’t forget those lines in the header 🙂


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Shutting down the old streaming server

Yes, the rumors are true 🙂 We shut down the old streaming server because we set up a new one on – So we now play on the old one this very nice information in loop:

We love Canadians! And we love typical german news 🙂


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