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Long time no see :)

So, i am back – kind of. After clearing my e-mail account from around 800 spam-mails i also found some nice tunes in the upload-directory of our public ftp-server. I hope to get those things done after the next two weekends and to put all the loads online. sorry for the long delay.

I also need to clean up the radio studio a bit. A lot of staff lying around and on the mixer. Maybe updating the Windows-PCs and the Station-Software also? I don’t know. But now I have added the RolandRadio mail account to my private computer so spam-mail will be filtered early and messages to us will be answered faster than ever 🙂

Have a nice day. If you like to help, spread the word about our nifty little radio-station.


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First build of the RolandRadioApp for Android is here

First build of the RolandRadioApp for Android is availabe here:

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some bad hackers had entered our so loved – after Nilquader died in august last year, nobody administrated the server. So it got messed up and we now have taken and built it up again from a backup. Took some time to get the 44 GigaBytes of CPC-Stuff up again. But now its back again:

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Merry Christmas to all Amstrad-CPC-Users

Merry Christmas, Amstrad-Users!

It’s the 24th of December 2015 and you shall sit at (or under) the tree with your family 🙂 Or listen to Roland Radio – that’s an alternative to everything 🙂

See you in 2016, maybe at the Easterparty in Saarbrucken.

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New radio greeting from The Oliver Twins

You know Dizzy? Then you know The Oliver Twins 🙂 Philip and Andrew Oliver were so kind and recorded a radio greeting for our little Amstrad CPC chiptune station. We are very proud and happy to have them on our jingle list now. If you want to know what the Oliver Twins are doing these days, check out their YouTube-Channel and follow them on Twitter

We should do a Dizzy special on Roland Radio i think 🙂

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Nilquader radio greeting in german

At least we found one more 🙂 Nilquader did a new rdio greeting in german a few months ago in April 2015, we don’t want to hide. So here it is:

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Radio greeting from Ythcal

Ythcal sent us his rdio greetings a few months ago and today we have get them done. These 8-bit-meetings are very productive at least. So right after the Xzentrix 2015 in Germany we added a few new tunes and jingles too. Enjoy:

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New radio greeting from “Captain”

You may know Captain from the Space Debris song BSC converted from the Amiga. This song is very famous and Markus “Captain” Kaarlonen well known for a lot of good Amiga tunes he did in the 90s. He sent us his radio greeting right from his holidays after he toured with his band “Poets of the Fall”. We are very happy about the radio greeting and here it is:

Space Debris by Captain on the Amiga:

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Nilquader passed away yesterday

On August 23rd Nilquader passed away at 11:55 o’clock. I will never forget him. He was also part oft the CPC-group SPRING!

In 2008 we defined: “Two are a group”, but now 50% of SPRING! are gone.  Forever. And so SPRING! is dead too. But our projects hopefully stay: The MegaFlash NG and DP, Roman 2, Whacky Wit, RomWalk / MegaFlash Menu, CPCimon and a lot more in hardware, software, games, accessories and also Roland Radio. Nilquader loved to listen to the CPC tunes on Roland Radio and also during his stay in hospital we were able to play him some Roland Radio to entertain him a little bit.

My best friend died and so did a big part of me.

Kangaroo MusiQue



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Chiptune versus Real – New Format on Roland Radio. Would you like it?

We are setting up a new format on Roland Radio called Chiptune versus Real.

Some of the chiptunes of the Amstrad CPC are based on film music, chart hits or classical music. So what we do on Roland Radio is playing the chiptune followed of the original. Enjoy this new format on

We plan to do this one hour weekly or maybe also one “chip vs. real”-set per hour. What do you think?

Here is the intro:

and the outro:



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