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You want to hear the CPC scene? Here we go!

You like to know how your friends from the cpc scene sound like? We have put all our jingles online the cpc people did the last weeks. Check them out. And if you are missing just record your voice, send us a nice message in your native language and/or in english saying something like “Hi, i am NAME and you are listening to Roland Radio”. That’s fun! We love to hear you!

Check this page:

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New info box on all pages showing track infos and actual listeners

We optimized some smaller things.
First: On every page of our homepage you now find an info box which shows the actual played track, actual listener and peak listener of Roland Radio. If you click on the area the Roland Radio mini player opens as before. I can tell you, i hate XML-parsing and PHP as well, cause it’s years ago i did such thing. But it works.
Second: This info box refreshes itself so you will see all changes live.

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NoRecess / Condense likes Roland Radio

NoRecess features Roland Radio on his homepage. We like canadian CPC users 🙂 For him we set up a new streaming server which also listens to port 80, so NoRecess can listen to Roland Radio at work 🙂
NoRecess - Roland Radio

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Roland Radio on

Roland Radio was on the news at – one of the biggest Amstrad CPC related sites on the web. Thank you guys.

Roland Radio on Amstrad,eu

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We have set up some new streams

Now you have the choice. There are now 64 kBit/s stereo and mono streams available also on Roland Radio. If you like to listen to Roland in a very good quality use the 128 kBit/s stereo MP3 stream. Same Quality but mono: 64 kBit/s mono mp3 stream. The next is the 64 kBot/s ogg vorbis stereo stream which is much better than the 64 kbit/s mp3 stereo stream.

Check out the “Listen to” Page on our Homepage for direct links to the streams.

New Streaming-Server-Address is

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Roland Radio on Push’n’Pop

The “official” Amstrad CPC scene also recognized Roland Radio a few days ago. Here is a nice screen shot from their news page.

Push'n'Pop - Roland Radio

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Villain on air

Villain of Benediction sent us a lot of jingles. A few in german, swiss,  swabian and bavarian language and one in french. None in english. Poor. But if you also want to send your Jingle to Roland Radio – please use english and your native language if you like. That will be great. Mail your mp3 file or wav to


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Switched from Stereo to Joint Stereo

To avoid bad sound quality we switched today the stereo streams (ogg & mp3) from true stereo to joint stereo. This saves some bandwidth by having another mixing of the left and right channels as before but increases sound quality as the 128 kBit/s now are split in half for 2×64 kBit/s for left/right channel but are combined to increase quality. If you want to learn more about joint stereo you can check the Wikipedia entry about audio engineering:


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Russians like Amstrad CPC tunes too! Roland Radio on

We didn’t even understood a word, but as long as they like Roland Radio.. who cares 🙂 They did featured Roland Radio on – Sowjet Union. That’s kind of retro too 🙂

Roland Radio on


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Now you can chat on

Give it a try while you listen to Roland Radio – Maybe some other neat CPC fellow is online and wants to talk about AY, rasterbars, sinus scroller and starfield simulation. Check out the chat at Roland Radio! You’ll love it during live shows for requesting nice AY tunes.



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